Business Meals
On every weekday, Dinesty Vancouver Robson offers you a selection of 10 Business Meals at a special price of $14.95. Choose 1 of the 10 entree options (with rice) and we will add a small basket of dumplings and a cup of cold dessert to your meal. Your 10 Business Meal options are:

01) Mongolian Beef Meal Set
02) Stir Fried Beef w/ Green Onion Meal Set
03) Black Bean Beef Meal Set
04) Black Pepper Basa Fillet Meal Set
05) Sweet & Sour Basa Fillet Meal Set
06) Gongbao Chicken Meal Set
07) Green Pepper Chicken Meal Set
08) Stir-Fried Dice Chicken Meal Set
09) Stewed Pork in Brown Sauce Meal Set
10) Hoi Sin Sauce Shredded Pork Meal Set

The Business Meals are currently available at Dinesty Vancouver Robson restaurant only.