VIP Card
As our expression of gratitude to your support throughout the years, Dinesty is pleased to introduce the 2022 annual VIP Card giveaway program. Every Dinesty VIP Card holder can enjoy 10% savings on food and products in any Dinesty location. Once you have collected 10 fully-stamped Dinesty dumpling points card by 2022, you have a chance to receive a Dinesty VIP Card for free. Get your Dinesty VIP Card soon while quantities last.

1. 10% discount on Dinesty products

Every Dinesty VIP Card holder can enjoy 10% savings on Dinesty products except for alcohol/beverages or already-discounted items.

2. Claim the Dinesty VIP Card

By December 31, 2022, anyone with 10 fully-stamped Dinesty dumpling points cards can claim for his/her Dinesty VIP Card at any Dinesty restaurant. Since we have a limited quantity of VIP Card to giveaway, Dinesty reserves the right to cancel the VIP Card giveaway program ahead of schedule once all VIP Cards are gone.

3. Dinesty VIP Card effective Dates

All Dinesty VIP Cards are effective from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022. All cards’ effectiveness ends on December 31, 2022 no matter when you receive your card. The earlier you obtain the card, the longer you can use it.

4. Card malfunction or damage

The Dinesty VIP Card is designed for durability, therefore it would be hard to break under normal usage. Should the card become unidentifiable due to accidental damage or abuse, Dinesty cannot replace your card due to its limited quantity.

5. Lost of card

Each Dinesty VIP Card provides a space for your signature at the back. If your card is lost, stolen or being taken by others, Dinesty is not responsible for your lost. Please safeguard your card properly.

6. Obtainment of next year’s new card

Every Dinesty VIP Card cannot be automatically renewed for next year. To obtain a new card for the next year, you need to once again collect and submit 10 fully-stamped Dinesty dumpling points cards.

Please remember to present your VIP Card to waiter for your 10% saving.