Our Craft
In the 2012 Chinese Restaurant Awards (CRA) competition, we were honored to have received the 2012 HSBC Diners’ Choice Award for “best Xiao Long Bao” (steamed pork soup dumpling). At Dinesty, we use only the freshest ingredients, top craftsmanship and the highest standard to create each and every single piece of our Xiaolongbao. Our Xiaolongbao features mouthwatering natural chicken broth, delicate double-ground pork filling and an ultra-thin hand-kneaded wrapper, delivering a unique mouth feel and outstanding taste. Below is a detailed list of the unique ways by which our legendary Xiaolongbao is made:

Thin Wrapper:

1. The wrapper dough is hand-kneaded with care to ensure even texture.
2. Every wrapper dough is manually weighted to maintain a consistent size.
3. Every piece of wrapper needs to reach its minimal thickness without breaking.

Fresh Meat:

1. Only selected, unfrozen pork is used to ensure the freshest taste.
2. The pork must be ground at least twice to ensure smoother stuffing texture.
3. The ground-pork stuffing is blended with our special sauce to enhance the flavor.

Premium Soup:

1. Selected hens are boiled for more than 5 hours to make the soup stuffing.
2. The soup is flavored by our proprietary recipe with fresh ingredients.
3. All soup ingredients are natural and no chemical additive is used.

Dinesty Dumpling House has won the prestigious HSBC Chinese Restaurant Diner's Choice awards 3 years (2010, 2011 & 2012) in a row.