Dinesty Super Wednesday
Beef noodle soup is a popular Chinese staple and many people like to pair it with a plate of pot stickers/fried dumplings.

Dinesty’s Beef Noodle Soup features soft corned beef, tender noodles and a savory broth. Pair it with our legendary pan-fried pork pot stickers and you’ll see why so many people enjoy them together.

Come to Dinesty every Wednesday for a special combo of beef noodle soup and pan-fried pork pot stickers for just $15.95! Don’t miss your chance to enjoy this perfect combination at a Dinesty restaurant near you for a surprisingly low price!

The Super Wednesday deal was launched on Oct 04, 2023 in selected Dinesty restaurant locations.
Dinesty Lite Super Wednesday
At Dinesty lite restaurant, beef noodle soup is different from Dinesty’s restaurant. The beef noodle soup has been upgraded. The upgraded beef noodle provides visual and taste enjoyment. It is paired with juicy fried dumplings, which will give you endless aftertastes. The new beef noodle and fried Dumplings are only $18.95! Come and taste it!
The Super Wednesday deal was launched on Oct 22, 2022 in selected Dinesty Lite restaurant locations.