Our Company
As a passionate and innovative enterprise, Dinesty has a strong unification among its employees. As we overcame numerous obstacles throughout the years, many of our founding members have become seasoned leaders who value the hard work and dedications of all our employees and associates. “Unification” has been a primary factor for our success, and it will also the foundation by which we take ourselves to the next level .
To ensure the consistency in our products and services, our core senior management team directly oversees all key operational aspects of all our chain stores. We constantly listen to customer feedbacks and use them to take our business advantages even further, as we know this is the only way to sustain our leadership position and our continual ability to motivate the GVRD’s culinary industry.


Johnny Huang
Founder & President

Johnny Huang stated that ``unification and a clear division of labor have been the keys to Dinesty's business success.``