Dinesty launches new brand identity

July 5, 2013

(Dinesty Group)

Dinesty Group is pleased to announce that the company’s new brand identity system is launched today. The primary objectives of the new brand identity are to: 1) highlight Dinesty restaurants’ unique aura; 2) consolidate Dinesty Group’s organizational image; 3) enhance Dinesty’s brand relevance to western customers; 4) advance the brand’s visual qualities without alienating its existing customers.

The new brand identity system features an elegant interplay between a Chinese logo and an English logotype to propagate a multicultural appreciation of the Dinesty brand. The brand’s original crimson brand color is retained, as it has been a familiar visual cue to Dinesty’s existing customers and a proper representation of Dinesty’s Chinese root. Furthermore, all critical visual elements of the Dinesty brand has been streamlined and unified in a stylish manner