Weekday Specials
On every weekday except Wednesday, Dinesty Richmond Gilbert Rd & Burnaby Kingsway offer you $2.00 off on one selected dish for each day. Discounted items are regularly featured unless otherwise noted. Below is the regular list of Weekday Specials at these restaurants:
Monday: $2.00 off on Stir Fried Rice Cake with Salted Vegetable & Pork
Tuesday: $2.00 off on Shanghai Fried Noodle
Thursday: $2.00 off on Fried Rice with Vegetable & Salted Pork (Richmond Gilbert Rd) / $2.00 off on Fried Rice with Shrimp, Vegetable & Ham (Burnaby Kingsway)
Friday: $2.00 off on Shredded Pork with Hoi Sin Sauce + Pancakes
The Weekday Specials are currently available at most Dinesty restaurants .
2022 Dinesty Calendar Promotions

Starting 2022, when Dine-in at any Dinesty restaurant located in Richmond, Downtown Vancouver, or Burnaby to receive a Dinesty Calendar. Within the 2022 Dinesty Calendar, every month contains two promotion items; please remember to tear down the $2 off coupon to redeem it in store. Not Valid with any other offers. Dinesty reserves the right to change/ suspend the promotion.

January – Sweet & Sour Spareribs with Pine Nuts & Sesame Seeds / Shrimps with Asparagus
February – Scrambled Eggs with Shrimps & Green Onion / Scallop with Asparagus
March – Clams with Spicy Soy Sauce / Beef with Gai-Lan
April – Basa Fillet with Mushrooms, Cabbages, & Bamboo Shoots / Garlic Beef Steak
May – Cashew Nut Chicken / Stir Fried Shrimps, Scallop & Squids
June – Pineapple Shrimps with Mayonnaise / Sweet & Sour Spareribs with Bell Peppers & Onions
July – Shredded Pork with Sliced Bean Curd & Celery / Cold Chicken with House Chili Sauce & Peanuts
August – House Special Tofu on Iron Plate / Tofu & Seafood in Crab Meat Sauce
September – Chicken with Basil & Triple Sauce / Egg Omelet with Pickles & Green Onions
October – Squid with Celery / Cold Salted Chicken with Ginger & Green Onion Sauce
November – Camphor & Tea Smoked Duck / Soft Tofu with Spicy Meat Sauce (MaPo Tofu)
December – Gongbao Chicken / Eggplant with Shredded Pork in Hot Sauce

January - Sweet & Sour Spareribs with Pine Nuts & Sesame Seeds / Shrimps with Asparagus