Dinesty introduces its proprietary natural plum juice

December 15, 2014

October 15, 2014

(Dinesty Group)

On February 17, Dinesty introduces its proprietary natural plum juice. A product of natural ingredients and Asian traditional craftsmanship, Dinesty Plum Juice has a complex, lingering taste laden with healthy nutrients. Before modern times, it had been a luxurious drink exclusive to only the aristocrats in China and its neighboring kingdoms. Our plum juice is a blend of numerous tasty ingredients such as plum, hawberry liquorice and dried orange peel, delivering a pleasantly sweet and sour taste coated with a mesmerizing smoky flavor.

Not only is it refreshingly flavorful, our plum juice is fully natural without artificial additive nor preservative. It is a healthy and tasty addition to any kind of your Dinesty meals.